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Wood Borer


Treatment on wood borer

Woodworm infestation is generally controlled with chemical insecticides. However, it is also advisable to investigate and solve possible damp issues, as dry wood is not usually affected, and wood that remains damp may be re-infected at a later date.

"Electrical insect killers," which attract and kill the adult beetles before they can breed, may be used alongside conventional chemical treatments with the intention of killing the adult beetles before they can breed, but the effectiveness of such an approach is not known.

Additionally, there are freezing treatments, which are quite effective, but take two to three weeks, and which can cause a certain amount of damage. They are quite costly. Low-oxygen treatment is effective, but very time consuming, up to eight weeks, and is often expensive

Anti-Snake Treatment


Anti-Snake Treatment

Healthcare Pest Control SERVICES offers an integraWe bring forth Snake Control services for our esteemed customers. It is very important to remove the snakes instantly from the vicinity of humans as these are highly dangerous and poisonous creatures. This service is provided with the help of chemicals and other Healthcare Pest Control Products. Moreover, customers can avail this affordable rate service by us at any time and our experts strive to visit their premises within the shortest span of time.

Dead Animal Disinfection & odor control service


Sometimes the wildlife living inside of homes or buildings dies. The most common complaints include the following:

  • Terrible odor inside home
  • Terrible odor outside home
  • Presence of swarms of flies
  • Concern over health risks
  • Stains on ceiling or wall

For these reasons, many people wish to have dead carcasses removed, and the area deodorized or decontaminated


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