Healthcare Pest Control Services

GPC Service (General Pest Control)


Treatment & Features of GPC - General Pest Control Management Service

  • Branded Gel is applied beneath slabs, skirting lines, cracks, splits where cockroaches hide
  • Special 100% Herbal Spray treatment from Branded Chemicals.
  • No need to vacate premises during and after the treatment.
  • Completely Safe for Kids & Pets as No Poison | No Irritation | No pollution
  • Guaranteed Results within one month
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No need to empty your cabinets | No need to close windows



Treatment of Rodent

  • Inspections of Premises and deciding Treatment as per the Industrial & Surrounding needs
  • Baiting
  • Cage Trapping
  • Gum Trapping
  • Use of poison baits
  • Ultrasonic Vibrating devices
  • Use of mechanical traps
  • Use of Poison & other Products
  • Use of Rodent Cakes with Bromodile



Treatment & Features of AMT – Anti Mosquitoes & Flies Treatment

  • Treatment applied in all affected areas and also in the breeding sources like drainage openings, channels, water stagnations, etc., very nearby to the premises.
  • Disinfestations spray on premises and breeding stations, fogging treatment, mechanical etc.
  • Larviciding
  • Adulticiding
  • Source Reduction
  • Gum traps will also be placed as per requirement.


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